Spotify VS Tencent – Comparison Between Two Music Apps

Lately, music is labeled as therapy, and why not? All around the globe love to listen to music whenever.

We are sad, happy, frustrated, anxious, depressed, our heart’s first call is to hear the music we use as a remedy, as we all love music.

we would choose the best music app that will give us all the comfort and enjoy some real classic, pop, trans, ETC,

wherever there is a name of music there, you will see people advising which is the best one, some would suggest Spotify, and some would suggest Tencent music which is the biggest music streaming apps,

Let us see and compare, which gives us perfection.

Difference Between Spotify VS Tencent


  • 1 Difference Between Spotify VS Tencent
    • 1.1 Comparison Table
    • 1.2 Subscribers Ratio
      • 1.2.1 Spotify VS Tencent Revenue creation system
    • 1.3 Conclusion


it has more than 50M songs on its platform, and it gives all the access to your favorite singers and follows them for their latest songs to be up to date, but make sure to be a premium user.

Tencent music

Tencent owns 0.8% of the US music industry with spending of 100m$.

On the other hand, Tencent has only 30M songs on its platform.

But it is quite higher than Spotify with more than 256M active users monthly, and 12.8M of them are paying RMB (“111.1”) converted to US$ makes it (“15.66″$) a month, which is quite a significant amount, Indeed.

Comparison Table

Single subscription cost10$/month10$/month
Family plan cost added5$/month per person added5$/month per person
What you get for free30day trial Ad-supporting30day trial no ads
Song library sizeOver 50M tracksOver 30M songs
Student discountYes (5$/month)Yes(5$/month)
Offline playbackYesYes
Can ask Siri to play musicNoYes
Share playlistYesYes
Collaborate on playlistYesNo
See what friends are listening toYesYes
Watch music videosNoNo
Listen to podcastYesYes
Read song lyrics while listeningYesYes

Colossal music consumers have their separate fan base, Data Which was published two weeks ago, clearly shows us that Indian composer and singers have launched their new songs on Spotify the following names contain “Ritviz” has gained more than 3million hits “Thandi Hawa,” Composer “Raghav Meattle” Song “City life”sounds sweet to ears with more than 2m listeners, and with more these big names Spotify has a massive number of subscribers in India.

In the light of BBC recent report, Spotify streaming music company went down 1.3% in the market, in note stockholders apprised consumers that Spotify will make high earnings from podcasts,

Subscribers Ratio

Spotify has more than 130m premium subscribers till the quarter of 2019, Spotify had 100m, and now 130m, which is a more significant number compared to recent years. Furthermore, when comparing Spotify vs Tencent, it is unlikely to see both on one page, Tencent music always stands on the first page, with more than 800M active users as on the other hand, Spotify has only 200m active users, and when thinking which one has more subscriber.?? There is no war between Spotify vs Tencent, but Spotify has more subscribers than Tencent; Spotify has made more than 80M subscribers; on the other hand, Tencent stands at 20M subscribers.

Spotify VS Tencent Revenue creation system

The essential difference between Spotify & Tencent is their revenue creation system.

Spotify makes 90% of their money from subscription fee and the rest 10% from ads; on the other hand, Tencent music 70% of the money comes from online karaoke selling online music tutorials and streaming’s and the rest 30% from a subscription fee.

As you all know, Tencent music does not run ads on its platform, which is useful while listening to music.


While Tencent Music has more subscriptions and more users, that does not define it as a good streaming app.

But on the other hand, we also saw pros and cons which clearly show us that both are quite similar.

But as Spotify has more songs than Tencent music, it is quite better than you may find every song, for that our first suggestion is that Spotify is easy to use and user-friendly.

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