Spotify vs Amazon Music Unlimited – Which One is Best

The discussion between Spotify vs Amazon music will let you know how wide and essential the music industry has grown. People tend to choose the best app for their music. However, Listening to songs has become a necessary part of everyone’s life. Whether you are driving or exercising, good music affects your mood.

No one is ready to compromise their best time while listening to music. An excellent music streaming service is vital to make you live a happy life. This article will help you choose what is best for you.

Why is it important to choose the best music service?

Choosing a music service that is the most relevant to you is very important. It helps you to stay updated on all the latest tracks. In today’s world, no one has time to wait and manually search for songs. But for our convenience, music streaming apps were introduced.

However, not all apps serve our needs. Wasting time on irrelevant music apps, that doesn’t answer our interests is a big issue. So it is very important to choose the best app.

Don’t panic,

We have done this research for you. In this article, we have collected all the information that you need to know before selecting between Spotify vs. Amazon music.

What to choose?

Spotify and Amazon music both offer some extraordinary features depending on the domain of their focus. But Spotify still has the upper hand. The competition is increasing day by day. Choosing between two of the top streaming services is hard.

Below is the comparison of all the features you need to know before deciding on one. By the end of this article, you will be able to choose what is good for you.

Comparison of Spotify vs Amazon features


  • 1 Comparison of Spotify vs Amazon features
    • 1.1 What makes Spotify unique?
      • 1.1.1 What makes Amazon music unique?
    • 1.2 Conclusion

Music Library 

Spotify and Amazon music, two of them offer over 50 million tracks.

Free trial Spotify vs Amazon music

When these services are providing 30 days trial, then why not have a check?

See what suits you more by just using both apps in the trial period.

Personalized Playlists

Both apps let you create personalized playlists. In contrast, Spotify provides you with a more user-friendly approach.

Sign up 

You can easily create your accounts on the apps. Amazon Music and Spotify provide you with a very well organized system.

But wait,

Let me tell you something Spotify enables you to access its content for free. You can sign up for free. This will allow you to access all their music, a library of over 50 million tracks.

Isn’t it a dream come true? Only the download option will be restricted. On the other hand, you can’t get this brilliant offer on Amazon music.

Some other features

Amazon music supports Alexa voice assistant. It also offers x-ray lyrics. In contrast, Spotify is best known for providing car integration and podcast support.

What makes Spotify unique?

One main difference that makes Spotify better is its recommendation feature. Spotify provides you with links that are very much related to your interests. It has a very strong algorithm.

What makes Amazon music unique?

Amazon Music offers you the best quality. Now it also has HD features. It includes more than 50 million tracks.

Hesitant for choosing a Premium version? Don’t worry; we will answer all your concerns!

In case you might be asking yourself why to pay money when you can get music for free on other apps. The Premium version of both apps offers some of the extraordinary features. Listening to ad-free music is not less than a blessing.

Moreover, the availability of download option for offline listening is also a dream come true. These features make the premium version worth the money. Who will not want to pay a reasonable amount for appropriate music? All the music lovers feel it a must to buy the premium version.


Spotify vs Amazon music is the talk of the table these days. However, Selecting one of them is quite a task. It only depends on your preferences. The choice is yours.

But now after you have read the above features, you can easily choose what’s suitable for you. All things considered, the selection of any of these apps is risk-free.

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